Does your Loved One need a ReelVisit today?

  • Your ReelVisitor will be your connection to your Loved One every month
  • Improve your Loved One's quality of life
  • Record your Loved One's personal and family stories
  • Access all personal and family stories in your own Family Tree web site
  • Cancel anytime

ReelVisits Overview


Everyone has a STORY…

In a series of monthly interviews, ReelVisitors capture your loved one's memories of family members, early experiences, high school years, young adult life and all through life. We can often gather more information than you ever knew about your loved one, and preserve the life story of your loved one for generations to come.

- ReelVisitors capture your loved one’s story as no one else can. – Each month you will receive a video clip uploaded to your Loved One's social networking page.
- Each clip is packed with great memories to share with friends and family.

Do you wish you could visit a loved one?

Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and increase feelings of happiness by sending a personal message in your absence.

With a variety of features and options, at a very affordable price, ReelVisits is the perfect solution for letting a Loved One know you care.    

Connect and Share with us

  • SHARE people, events and memories on your Family Tree web site.
  • CAPTURE life stories that only your Loved One can tell.
  • GIVE your Loved One the joy of anticipating a ReelVisit each month.
  • REDUCE your Loved One's feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • CONNECT your family members separated by time and distance.
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This Sums it Up

Mike Conway

Founder, Mike Conway, talks about the creation of ReelVisits, and how it is helping people connect.

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